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(Independent London Artist)

Gina Bold was born in London, 28 July 1959. She attended Hampstead Comprehensive School and Kilburn Polytechnic (Fashion B.Tech), then worked in the fashion industry. She learnt techniques of stain glass in evening classes at the Mary Ward Centre, but had an ambition for twenty years to paint. She did her first painting Charlie with Wine Glass, tutored by Charles Thomson at Stuckism International in June 2002. In September 2002 she attended part-time art classes run by Louise Kelly at Barnet College; she exhibited as a member of Students for Stuckism group in The First Stuckist International 2002. Subsequently she exhibited as a guest artist in other Stuckist shows 2002-3 at Stuckism International, The Princes Foundation and Wednesbury Museum. She took part in the White Cube and Anti-Turner Prize demos in 2002. She disassociated herself from the Stuckists at the end of 2003 and now works as an 'independent London artist'.

The first solo show of Gina Bold's work was in July 2004 at Stuckism International, London. The show of twelve paintings, titled Hysterical Shock, was curated by Louise Urwin and Tom Cowley. Some of the paintings had been shown previously at the Gallery in other Stuckist exhibitions. The paintings, from private collections, showed a range of Gina Bold's work from the previous two years and charted the transition from outer observation via the personal crisis of Hysterical Shock to the inner world of imaginative transformation through mythological imagery. She has described painting as an emotional communication and "a passion that has taken me on a journey that is starting to unlock the great mysteries of life." The artist was invited to participate in arranging the show, but did not respond.

Work by Gina Bold was offered for exhibition by private collectors in an 'Ex Stuckists' section at The Stuckists Punk Victorian show at the Walker Gallery during the 2004 Liverpool Biennial. Because of the artist's objection, the Gallery vetoed its inclusion. The paintings were instead shown at the Rivington Gallery in Shoreditch with other work not included at the Walker under the title 'Stigmata' or 'Censorious': The Stuckists Punk Victorian. Details here.

Gina Bold web site: www.ginabold.com

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