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N.B. Charles Thomson is no longer the general editor of this site. See site policy enquiries.

The following statement was posted here following a request by an editor of Wikipedia to clarify the relationship of Stuckism and Defastenism, as well as how "authorative" stuckism.com is as a reference on the subject. Permission is given for it to be reproduced.


The Stuckists art group (founded 1999) inaugurated in 2000 a period termed Remodernism (for art, culture and society) so that Stuckist ideas could be applied to a wider context than painting. The Stuckists declared themselves the first Remodernist art group. The Defastenists appeared in 2004 and declared themselves also a Remodernist group, as indeed anyone can. There is no official link apart from that with Stuckism, although there have been collaborations with Stuckists, particularly with Jesse Richards of New Haven Stuckists (who has also founded Remodernist Film and Photography).

I am the general editor of www.stuckism.com and if anything is going to be definitive about Stuckism, then I guess this site is, as it launched the group in the first place and continues to co-ordinate what has become an international movement (of independent but linked Stuckist groups).

Feel free to email me on stuckism@yahoo.co.uk for any clarifications required.

Charles Thomson Co-founder, The Stuckists

5 May 2005