International art movement for contemporary figurative painting with ideas. Anti the pretensions of conceptual art. Anti-anti-art. The first Remodernist art group. Daubers (daubing is the new painting). Founded 1999.
There are 236 Stuckist groups in 52 countries.

Contact Stuckists: 07984 914018
Tel: 020 8343 4282. Press contacts here.

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Stuckists are not stuck

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Charles Thomson,
co-founder of the Stuckists,
on the Turner Prize,
ITN News at Ten
(26.9.16). Watch here.

Terry Marks
NY Stuckist
interviewed on
Tall Tale Radio (29.8.16)

Terry Marks website

The Stuckists Art Show
and Summer Sale

during the Liverpool Biennial 2016
All work in the sale section is under £100

View Two Gallery
23 Mathew Street, Liverpool L2 6RE, England

8 July - 20 August 2016
(Fri and Sat 12 - 5 pm, and by appointment)

Tel: 0151 236 9444. Mob: 07875 060086.
Email: Web:
Manager: Bob Williams. Owner: Ken Martin

Artists from UK, USA, Russia, Spain and Czech Republic
Adam Crosland, Alexey Stepanov, Andrew Galbraith, Annie Zamero, Catherine Sinclair, Charles Thomson, Chris Yates, Darren Udaiyan, Duncan Grant, Eamon Everall, Elfyn Jones, Ella Guru, Elsa Dax, Emma Pugmire, Jacqueline Jones, Jane Kelly, Janice Johnson, Jaroslav Valecka, Jasmine Surreal, Jenny Westbrook, Jiri Hauschka, Joe Machine, John Bourne, Jonathon Coudrille, Justin Piperger, Lupo Sol, Mark Randall, Michael Dickinson, Paul Harvey, Peggy Clydesdale, Peter Murphy, Remy Noe, Richard Bledsoe, Ron Throop, Terry Marks, Virginia Andow, Wolf Howard

Watch the videos

Charles Thomson on the show:

Peter Murphy on his John Lennon painting:

Charles Thomson on Stuckism:

A wall of work under £100 in the Summer Sale section of the show (some already sold)

Some old material previously on this page is now here (opens in separate window).

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