Stuckism: Remodernising the Mainstream opens Studio 3 Gallery
University of Kent, Canterbury, 5.30-8pm Thu 1 Oct 2015


International art movement for contemporary figurative painting with ideas. Anti the pretensions of conceptual art. Anti-anti-art. The first Remodernist art group. Daubers (daubing is the new painting). Founded 1999.
There are 236 Stuckist groups in 52 countries.

Contact Stuckists: 07984 914018
Tel: 020 8343 4282. Press contacts here.

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Stuckists Joe Machine, Ella Guru,
Paul Harvey, Charles Thomson,
Eamon Everall, Jasmine Surreal
included in

The Other Summer Exhibition
Lollipop Gallery
58 Commercial Street
London E1 6LT

1 - 28 August 2015
Tues - Sun, 11am - 7pm

Launch 6-9pm, Thu 6 Aug

Stuckists in Moscow invite you to their exhibition 7pm on 28 August 2015.
"The address of the venue is: Moscow, Ul. Yunnatov 17k2. It's a regular apartment, where we have established the workspace." More details on Ron Throop website.

Eamon Everall on his art at Pugmire's Pizza Party Art evening

Billy Childish comes of age in Post Magazine (6.4.15)

Charles Thomson on Tate BP PR in tatters: Counterpunch (3.3.15)

Richard Bledsoe on Bill Lewis and the Cosmic Unconsciousness Remodern Review (1.3.15)

Frank Black of The Catholics (aka Charles Thompson of The Pixies) on Stuckism, music and painting Pledge Music (16.1.15)

Stuckist manifesto on the Royal Academy site [no. 9] (10.4.15)

Art Now and Then article on Jane Kelly here (16.11.14)

"the world’s most vocal champion of figurative painting"
Charles Thomson interviewed by Mark Sheerin in Hyperallergic (10.19.14)

See hit painting Saatchi and Saatchi by Darren Udaiyan

Stuckism 15 year anniversary f
eature in Mungbeing magazine

Challenging concepts of art is one of the specialities of this bunch the Stuckists" - Culture24

"a significant part of the British art scene" - Jonathan Jones, The Guardian

Some old material previously on this page is now here (opens in separate window).

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