Material which was on the home page.

Lies, Damned Lies and Serota at the BBC here
(Counterpunch 4.11.16)
Also in print in The Jackdaw

Stuckist artist Annie Zamero in right royal bust-up London Evening Standard (14.11.16)

Terry Marks,
NY Stuckist interviewed on Tall Tale Radio (29.8.16) Terry Marks website

Ceramicist Liz Crain on Stuckism + Modernism diagram here (17.11.16)

Ron Throop of USA on his collaboration with the Russian Stuckists here.
Moscow Stuckist show featured on State Hermitage Museum
Facebook page (1.11.16)

The Face of Stuckism
portraits of Stuckist artists
by Eamon Everall

The video: watch it here

Art Clown of the Year Award to Jeremy Deller and Sir Nicholas Serota
Read all about it here

Sign the Turner Prize petition here.

Godfrey Blow Stuckist Royal artist in Australia: Yahoo news (15.3.16)

Charles Thomson on the Stuckists manifesto, Billy Childish
and various disagreements - AMFM Magazine (2.12.16)

BBC Radio 4. 2.15 pm, 11 March 2016

Burn Baby Burn - Sean Grundy's satirical drama inspired by the Momart warehouse fire. (Named characters played by actors.) Excerpt below starts at 14:49.

Brian Sewell: I thought it would be you, Hirst.

Damien Hirst: It's an outrage to suggest I stole my ideas. That's not a real flashback. It's a fiction.

Brian Sewell: It's playful - in the spirit of Britart's recontextualisation. Is it any more preposterous than claims by Charles Thomson of the Stuckist movement, who said you'd copied Thomas Downing's spot paintings from the sixties, Joseph Cornells's medicine cabinets from 1943, John LeKay's crucified lamb carcasses, Lori Precious's butterflies....

More on Hirst's stealing art here

Charles Thomson discusses Andy Warhol on BBC Radio Scotland - Good Morning Scotland (29.8.15). Listen on iPlayer . Discussion starts at 01:39:55

Stuckism Russia - the Moscow show. Video here.

Billy Childish comes of age in Post Magazine (6.4.15)

Charles Thomson on Tate BP PR in tatters: Counterpunch (3.3.15)

Richard Bledsoe on Bill Lewis and the Cosmic Unconsciousness Remodern Review (1.3.15)

Frank Black of The Catholics (aka Charles Thompson of The Pixies) on Stuckism, music and painting Pledge Music (16.1.15)

Stuckist manifesto on the Royal Academy site [no. 9] (10.4.15)

Art Now and Then article on Jane Kelly here (16.11.14)

"the world’s most vocal champion of figurative painting"
Charles Thomson interviewed by Mark Sheerin in Hyperallergic (10.19.14)

See hit painting Saatchi and Saatchi by Darren Udaiyan

Stuckism 15 year anniversary f
eature in Mungbeing magazine

Challenging concepts of art is one of the specialities of this bunch – the Stuckists" - Culture24

"a significant part of the British art scene" - Jonathan Jones, The Guardian

Eamon Everall on his art at Pugmire's Pizza Party Art evening

Alexis Hunter died on 24 February 2014 of motor neurone disease. Here she talks about the Turner Prize during a Stuckist demo outside Tate Britain in 2010.

Obituary in The Guardian, 11.3.14.

Letter in The Guardian about Alexis and Stuckists, 18.3.14.

Alexis Hunter work "Approach to Fear" installed as a memorial
12-22 March 2014, Gallery 90 (top of Manton Stairs), Tate Britain.

See the feature on Stuckism in Mungbeing

Michael Dickinson, prosecuted in Turkey, sleeps in a box, stars as Dick Cheney article in The Big Issue (31.1.14)

Damien Hirst doesn't plagiarise - he just imitates, says Melvyn Bragg. See Counterpunch (31.1.14)
Melvyn Bragg thinks Damien Hirst's plagiarism is OK. Stuckist response - Evening Standard (27.1.14)
BBC1 The One Show (22.1.14) interviewed Stuckist Charles Thomson on
Damien Hirst plagiarism

Tate trustee cronysim - Tomma Abts in Painting Now show.
See Daily Mail (2nd item) (3.1.14) and Telegraph (3.1.14)

0 visitors in Tate gallery show, Painting Now. See Counterpunch (13.12.13)

Charles Thomson, of Stuckists, which promotes traditional art, said: “If this stuff was auctioned on eBay it would sell
for a fiver. The Tate’s meant to be the national collection of modern art. It’s more like the national junk shop.”
The Tate said: “We are pleased to acquire works by these artists using funds raised by Tate.”
See Sunday Express (29.12.13)) and Daily Mail (30.12.13).

Turner Prize conflicts of interest continue in Counterpunch (5.12.13)
Damien Hirst - another plagiarism claim... Evening Standard (25.11.13)

Damien Hirst Stole My Art - Lori Precious interview trailer on YouTube

Royal Mail will destroy your parcel, if it contains more than 4 pots of water-based paints (or if one of them exceeds 150ml). Repeat offenders can be prosecuted. Sign the protest petition here. See the Facebook page. And Royal Mail (near bottom).

Jonathan Jones in The Guardian (22.10.13): "The Stuckists still protest every year against the Turner prize" - with photo of Stuckist demo

Alexis Hunter, "one of the 70s' most important feminist artists" and now a Stuckist artist, in the October issue of Dazed & Confused.

HYPOCRISYSir Nicholas Serota, director of the Tate gallery, speaks out for artistic freedom: "Artists afraid of losing sponsors ‘are self-censoring,’" he intrepidly asserts. Read it in The Independent (30.5.13). Charles Thomson said, "Serota is the censor. When Ivan Massow dared to step out of line and criticise conceptual art as tat, Serota said to him, 'They should have sacked you two weeks ago'. So much for freedom of expression. As a tutor from the Royal Academy once said to me, 'There's plenty of people here who agree with you, but they won't say anything, because they're afraid if they offend Serota, he won't buy their work for the Tate.'"

Stuck between Prague and London

Show ended
Edward Lucie-Smith's opening talk for the show here

Stuck between Prague and London
A show of paintings by Jiri Hauschka, Jaroslav Valecka (from Prague),
Paul Harvey, Edgeworth Johnstone, Charles Thomson (from London).

Nolias11 Gallery 56 Stamford Street, London SE1 9LX
(Blackfriars Bridge end of Stamford Street)

Tues 28 May - Mon 3 June, 1 - 6 pm daily

Free admission. Enquiries email

A book will be available of paintings by the artists with an introduction by Edward Lucie-Smith,
who will open the show.

Private View: Tues May 28, 2013 6:00 - 9:00 pm

Jasmine Maddock: A Surrealist Life, co-authored with Edward Lucie-Smith, iBook. Preview and order here.
Review by ARTfan12: "What a awesome find! This is such a cool book! it is literally like nothing i've ever seen before… I can't really explain it as you have to see it for yourself but the videos are hilarious. It combines figurative and conceptual 'performance art'. I like getting this book out when I'm with friends as they are always as surprised by the content as I was - great conversation piece!"

Video of Jasmine enjoying herself with a broomstick here Her paintings of the toy cats here

Joe Machine iBook Becoming the Perpetrator here.

Artists in Britain Since 1945, David Buckman's master dictionary with over 14,500 artist biographies is now online free here.

Black Francis (aka Charles Thompson) of The Pixies tweets and founds The Amherst Stuckists.

Tracey Emin buys Bill Childish painting. See Artlyst (10.12.12).

Penelope Curtis, director of Tate Britain, the Stuckists
and the Tarot pack in The Guardian (last item) (24.1.13)

"The stuckists have earned their place in art history more convincingly than
many of the overrated artists they have been so rude about for so long. "
Jonathan Jones, The Guardian (16.1.13)

Stuckist artists visit the Turner Prize and award the Prize for Patronising Twat.
Warning: not safe for curators.

"Unbelievable nonsense mundane incomprehensible shit stale crap I think it's absolutely wonderful"

The North Bank Show: Stuckist artist Edgeworth Johnstone in his bedroom
studio talks about his work in progress with a dog, a bird and a heart.

A must-read blog by Edgeworth Johnstone

Stuckist Turner Prize demo
at Tate Britain
3 Dec 2012

The demo daytime + interviews
with Stuckist artist demonstrators

Ruth Dudley Edwards on theTurner Prize and censorship:
Telegraph blog (4.12.12)
See videos below...

Writing a comment for the
Turner Prize comments board

Comment being censored from the
Turner Prize comments board

Comment allowed when censored on the
Turner Prize comments board

Charles Thomson on censorship of the
Turner Prize comments board

Watch Stuckist clown greeting guests at the Turner Prize: video here

Charles Thomson on Turner Prize winner, Elizabeth Price, as a "wannabe documentary maker who has a place on late night TV, when no one’s watching". Quoted p.8 of The Times (4.11.12)

"Avant-garde? Derričre-garde I think. Dreary, pretentious, superficial, irrelevant. I don't mean the subject (as in Price's Woolworth fire - that is obviously tragic and serious) but the artistic treatment of it. If she'd have done the same thing to the Hillsborough disaster, there would be outrage. A straightforward documentary would have done the subject justice, but then there would be nothing to distinguish it from any other straightforward documentary, so in order to claim the status of art, it has to be given a mind-numbing treatment of split screens and repetitive captions, all of which are about the status of the artist, not the diginity or significance of the subject." Charles Thomson post on Jonathan Jones blog (4.12.12)

Nourishing Obscurity blog on Turner and related (4.12.12)

"Picketing the awards ceremony, as they do every year, were a handful of masked artists known as the Stuckists, who favor figurative painting and excoriate the conceptual art that, they say, is championed by Tate. 'Elizabeth Price is a wannabe documentary maker who has a place on late night TV, when no one’s watching,' said the movement’s co-founder Charles Thomson in a release e-mailed before the winner announcement. He made equally disparaging remarks about the other three contestants." Bloomberg and Businessweek (3.12.12)

"Since 2000 the Turner show has often attracted protests from traditionalist art activist group the Stuckists, who want a return to figurative painting." - France 24 , Breitbart (US), Google from AFP (3.12.12)

Huffington Post - 1st slideshow image is 2006 Stuckists demo (3.12.12)

Nathalie Zwimpfer in Basel, Switzerland on Turner Prize and Stuckists in Art Review blog (3.12.12)

"2000 The year international art group the Stuckists instituted the Real Turner Prize, for painters. They also staged their first demonstration against the prize, dressed as clowns, protesting that 'the only artist who wouldn't be in danger of winning the Turner Prize is Turner'." - In Numbers: The Turner Prize, Daily Mail (1.12.12) p. 40.

- Ruth Dudley Edwards in The Spectator (1.12.12)

Art Clown of the Year Award 2012 goes to critic Richard Dorment of The Daily Telegraph for his asinine comment on the Turner Prize winner's pretentious film which trivialised a fire in a Woolworth store that killed 10 people:
"What is more, as I watched it with mounting excitement, I began to realize that I was in the presence of an artwork that has the potential fundamentally to change the way knowledge is transferred, the way we teach and the way we learn."

See Tim Footman blog on whether Stuckists exist (9.11.12)

Stuckist Turner Prize demo
1 Oct 2012

"As they have for twelve years, Stuckists demonstrated outside Tate Britain against the waste of space that is the Turner Prize. I went to pay my respects to the doughty few this morning in the driving rain. Since I began researching conceptual art for a satirical crime novel, I have admired Stuckists..." Read more in Ruth Dudley Edwards' blog on the Telegraph site (1.10.12)

"For those who aren’t aware of the ins and outs of Nicholas Serota or the Stuckists" The Saint (4.10.12)
"I am at Tate Britain with my friend Ruth Dudley Edwards to see the Stuckists demonstrate" Clearbluewater (1.10.12)
Stuckist demo mentioned by Ben Mirza in the Huffington Post (5.10.12)
says, "The most exciting thing about the show is the Stuckism demonstration outside." (1.10.12)
See the pic on the Daily Telegraph slide show (1.10.12)
"the Stuckists ... stood outside Tate with leaflets claiming 'Serota Needs a Good Spanking'" Artinfo (2.10.12)

"Since 2000 the Turner show has often attracted protests from traditionalist art activist group the Stuckists, who want a return to figurative painting." - Google (1.5.12), Orange (Botswana), (3.12.12) SBS (Australia) (2.12.12), from AFP.

Charles Thomson, Stuckist co-founder, on Stuckism in Art History
See the whole series on film maker Edgeworth Johnstone's web site

Damien Hirst at it again (with magpies this time) The Mail on Sunday (28.10.12)
See down the page for previous incidents

Left: painting by Max McLaughlin (2008). Right: four paintings by Damien Hirst (2010)

Edgeworth Johnstone on Unheard Radio, University of Westminster
student radio to talk about the Turner Prize (1.44pm 16.10.12)

Stuckist and Ruth Dudley Edwards v Tate: The Guardian (3rd item) (26.10.12)

Spalding, Lee, Thomson and Ilfracombe v Damien Hirst "mafia": Sunday Express (14.10.12)

STUCKISTS: ELIZABETHAN - show ended. More info here

Stuckism mentioned in long-running BBC1 afternoon drama series, Doctors, series 14, episode titled "Virtuous Reality" by Jeremy Hylton Davies (17.9.12.). An artist explains to his friend about an "Interview with an American arts programme. Would not get off the idea that I was Stuckist. Said, 'Could have been a Stuckist, but stuck to what he was brilliant at ... Stuckist! It's like asking Corbusier if he did half-timbered.'" It was available to watch for a week on BBC iPlayer, relevant scene at 04:23, but that has expired now....

Joe Machine won the Cork Street Open Exhibition 2012 with his painting God and Tree (left). Judges were Edward Lucie-Smith, Sergei Reviakin, Bridget Coaker, and Louis Singh.

Paul Harvey has just gained his PhD at Northumbria University on Stuckism, Punk Attitude and Fine Art Practice: Parallels and Similarities. More Info and thesis download available here.

Jaroslav Valecka has founded The Central Europe Stuckists. Temporary site: See his work in this book. For more info email

Eamon Everall in the Wanstead Art Trail. 15-30 Sept 2012. See also Wanstead Guardian 7.9.12. and Ilford Recorder 6.9.12

New group founded by Wayne Wolfson: The Redwood City Stuckists (US), Aug 2012.

"Post-modernists, minimalists, stuckists, situationists – they all move to the rhythm of rock’n’roll." - Sunday Herald (Scotland) 12.8.12

"Let's talk Stuckism" on Fur Affinity Forums, 19.8.12

Forthcoming - iBooks by EB Publishing for Stuckist artists Joe Machine and Jasmine Maddock.

Mark D and the Stuckists in Nottingham. Read the review here (6.7.12).

Stuckism was part of an A Level exam paper, thanks to Paul Harvey and Charles Saatchi's cheese halo. See The Journal (Newcastle) 7.4.12.

Damien Hirst demo at Christie's (14.10.10) - police called after harassment

Good artists borrow, great artists steal, crap artists get caught stealing.
Read it on 3am / stuckism

The art Damien Hirst Stole - part 2 on 3ammagazine (9.4.11)

"A fake Hirst is not a Hirst not made by Hirst, of course, as Hirst does not make his own work anyway.
It is a Hirst not made by Hirst which Hirst says is not a Hirst, though in all other respects it is quite
possibly identical to a Hirst not made by Hirst, which Hirst says is a Hirst."
- Charles Thomson quoted in the Daily Mail (6.11.10)

Above: two original artists
and one not quite so original.

BBC (3.9.10): Hirst's press officer promises a "comprehensive" rebuttal. We look forward to that. Ah, this must be the comprehensive rebuttal:

Question: You have repeatedly been accused of plagiarism. Is there any truth to the claims?
Damien Hirst: It's just gibberish, isn't it? Just ridiculous. It's nothing really.
The Observer (26.9.10).

Question: Why is it impossible to show your work?
John LeKay: Because now everyone who sees it now says it looks like a Damien Hirst artwork ... it appears that Damien thought that when I walked away from the art world back in 95, that gave him carte blanche to take anything he wanted. Maybe he saw it as free pickings, sifting through my work like a vulture. His problem is that I'm still alive and kicking and have no intention of going away.

If you can't see the video click here.

(in print 3.9.10)

Also Artinfo (2.9.10), Juxtapoz (2.9.10), The Daily Telegraph (3.9.10). Público (Portugal 3.9.10).

Other coverage: Animal (8.9.10), Finchley Times (9.9.10), Mediabistro (9.9.10), The Awl (10.9.10), Flavorwire see here (10.9.10), The National (UAE) (11.9.10). Photo on Flash Art (c.25.11.10).

Art Fag City (6.9.10), Peter Friedman Associate Professor, Legal Analysis & Writing Case Western Reserve University School of Law, gives the legal angle (7.9.10). Big Think (7.9.10). A report on London Art News (9.9.10).

Natasha Nicole Waddon is not happy with all thist. See her blog (2.9.10).

NEW JOE MACHINE WEBSITE: See his page on this site here

Artista Eli on Stuckism - Revelations of a Revolution in Artiscape (Jan 2012)

Streaker at the Turner Prize from Channel 4 live blog (5.12.11).:
"21:00: The consensus is the “streaker” had “study this” written on his belly. A stuckist? Or a student protester?"

Jonathan Jones in his Guardian blog on the Turner Prize and his Stuckist portrait (5.12.11).

"Billy Childish ... was the founder of the so-called Stuckists, who stand every year with their posters outside the Tate, protesting that the Turner Prize is all a load of tosh." - Rachel Campbell-Johnston, The Times T2, p. 1 (13.7.11)

Bill Lewis featured on cover of Wow Medway (Sept 2011). See his work here.

Charles Williams new book: Basic Drawing: How To Draw What You See. See his work here.

Show ended
The Enemies of Art
A show which featured UK, Prague and international Stuckists at Lauderdale House, Highgate, London.
Opening with Michael Žantovský (Czech Ambassador to the UK), Edward Lucie-Smith (critic and author),
and Robert Janas (founder of The Prague Stuckists).
A book The Enemies of Art, with an introductory essay
by Edward Lucie-Smith, is published by Victoria Press. Photos and video here.

Charles Thomson on Spoonfed (8.4.11): Public arts funding for the pockets of the rich?
Jonathan Jones in The Guardian (31.3.11):
Are the Stuckists right about modern British art?

100 Artists' Manifestos: From the Futurists to the Stuckists
( Penguin Modern Classics)

Edited by Alex Danchev. This includes three Stuckist manifestos. More here.

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