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Paul Harvey has always been involved with punk, and for some years was a guitarist in Pauline Murray's band Penetration, which he finally left to allow more time for his painting. He joined the Stuckists in 2001 after reading about them in The Sunday Times and recognising a philosophy of art that he identified with. He has been a major exhibitor with them since, and also curated Stuckist shows in Newcastle, where he lives.

He works very slowly and patiently to build up a composite image combining different sources and influences, amongst which Mucha's art nouveau style is apparent, although often given a subtle sardonic twist, such as the intrusion of safety pins or razor blades. He often uses celebrities as subjects with the aim of rehabilitating them in his own world. He stresses beauty as a valuable, albeit unfashionable, aesthetic. His painting of Emily Mann (left), based on a photo by Charles Thomson, was used to promote The Stuckists Punk Victorian show at the Walker Art Gallery during the 2004 Liverpool Biennial.

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Paul Harvey from the DVD Stuckism: It's a Dirty Job

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