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heres the start to our manifesto (it is yet to be finished and edited):

1.art taught to under 18's crushes creativity; its always skills over ideas, if your art is pretty you get praise, this although is not embracing conceptual art.

2.teachers treat real ideas and emotions like they are dangerous

3.We hate over clean, sterile, uncomfortable uncreative art rooms with hard plastic tables

4.Teenagers are not all ‘emo artists’ we don’t all draw pictures of our slit wrists , we can express emotions better than that, we are the future artists. We don't listen when society or whoever tells us how to feel, and how to express our feelings

5.'We still understand and appreciate the integrity of art and we wont let that disappear, we want to educate people our age so there’s less danger of saatchi wasting his money in years to come, like an untreated cockroach infestation it'll just grow unless we do something about it

6.We encourage people our age to appreciate art more instead of being something almost ‘embarrassing’, its a healthy way to express your emotions and something to do, a possible way to distract them from their materialistic lifestyle. Instead of the importance media has approached us with of being obsessed with the way be dress and look. Even when this does happen and the person feels ‘creative’ it can lead to shit conceptual art. Medias impact on teenagers and children is killing the individual. Grouping together and being ‘emo’ or ‘indie’ or a ‘goth’ doesn’t make you individual.

7.Art is not a stupid whore to be taken advantage of, and exploited for purposes like extreme financial gain, and media attention. We believe that young people should be taught to respect art now, to keep art from being treated like a stupid whore in the future. We respect art, and understand it's importance. We deeply love what we do.

8.The understanding and ideas of art are not taught properly and lead to intollerance and right wing views, due to this many kids grow up thinking that art is 'boring' or 'easy', this too can be to blame for daily mail reading parents (or generally ones who are too right wing) and right wing or really lazy art teachers

The Underage Stuckists were founded by Liv Soul in America and Rebekah Maybury in Britain. The Underage Stuckists page is on myspace.com (registration needed).
Liv (1st right), Rebekah (2nd right) - "Daliesque"
    March 2006
We would like to make it clear that the views expressed by the Underage Stuckists are entirely their own, not necessarily those of this website, and are posted here as a public information service. We understand they are still at school.

Just a short note to draw your attention to the fact that not all art teachers are how you describe. Your manifesto suggests to me that you had a bad experience at school and perhaps a ‘really lazy art teacher’ taught you but there are some out there that do try their best by trying to open the creative mind of young individuals and try to develop their individual ideas and beliefs away from prejudice and peer pressure. After all why do you think we went into the profession?
This can be difficult to accomplish when you have a class of 35 in front of you and only a fraction are interested in being there. The way you describe young artists today I wish I could meet more like that because it would make my job far more interesting and rewarding.
If you have any ideas on how to engage my young artists please reply before the boredom of sterile plastic seats and tables take over.
Corinne Simpson - Art teacher (Not boring!!!!!) corinnesimpson@hotmail.com
9 March 2006

Dear Ms Corrine Simpson,
We understand where you are coming from. We (Bekah, and Liv) have both experienced truly inspiring art teachers, but we've also had the complete opposite.
Without doubt, the teacher that is only concerned with meeting class requirements and passing each student , can easily destroy the creativity in her students. This isnt implying that it always does at all, but from experience we know many people who have given art up or lost all enjoyment from it because of the pressure to shade in fruit bowls.
The best art teacher truly is, and always will be one's self. We understand and are definitely not attacking you. We know that it is your job and respect you for understanding. We are sure that there are many thins we could think of to help inspire kids, so if there are any specific questions please do email us!
At : underage_stuckists@hotmail.com
Liv and Bekah