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Founder Gateshead Stuckists 2003-2008, now left the Stuckists


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Peter McArdle has been having sell out solo shows since his college days. He joined the Stuckists in 2003, partly in order to counteract the influence of commercialism, and has exhibited in Stuckists shows since then. He left the Stuckists in 2008 and said, "The period I have spent involved with yourself and other artists associated with the group proved invaluable , helped shape my art and content. However in order to develop and move forward I must ........."

He is a meticulous craftsman, using traditional glazing techniques, which means a painting can take months to finish. Even then, a considerable number are discarded. He works regular and long hours in the Northern English farmhouse, where he lives with his family.

His work is an exploration of his own psyche, society and his ideas on art. The symbolism is arrived at intuitively and, although composed of seemingly everyday figures (or sometimes public ones) the result is a riddle that needs to be worked at. This is a deliberate suggestiveness or provocation.

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