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Southend Stuckists

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Used to fill boxes twelve hours a day in a Southend factory. Collects vintage motorcycles.

He has lived in Leigh-on-Sea all his life - "the light on the Thames estuary is incredible - it easily surpasses the light of France." Used to circuit-race Aermacchi-Harley Davidson and Yamaha motorcycles in Brands Hatch. Stopped after 130 m.p.h. crash. Landscape painting bought by critic Brian Sewell who wrote "Yours are typically heterosexual studies, all surface and infusion and slight stirrings in the loins." Pincham-Phipps commented, "that's me - he got it bang on! I can't thank him enough for his friendly advice and time over the last few years " Figure study bought by Martin Clunes.

1954 Born Rochford, Essex
1965-69 Eastwood High School, Southend. Failed every exam and left age fifteen.
1969-94 Worked as furrier, squadee in Parachute Regiment, in shoe factory, in electronics factory, lamp factory, switch gear factory, furniture factory, cartoonist for Beano and Dandy, then unemployed for two years
1994-99 South East Essex College FE, then London Guildhall University BA (Fine Art)
2001- Founded Southend Stuckists, exhibited in Vote Stuckist, Fridge Gallery, Brixton and subsequent shows. Staunch participant in Stuckist Turner Prize demonstrations.
2002 Son, Vinson (meaning son of Vincent), born 26 October.

"Selbstbildnis" painting

"I'm in the painting in different guises. Doing the painting gave me a quiet strength during a time when I was feeling oppressed in a college dominated by conceptual art. I just felt anger at so much poor art being produced and promoted. My tutor hated the painting because I was producing figurative art."

Work method

"The gift of art was always there, but good teachers bring it out to enable you to explore it and yourself. I do studies all the time, even just sitting in a train station - sketch books, bits of paper, anything. I change things during a painting all the time. I'm not afraid of destroying a good painting in the process of exploration."


Daniel Pincham-Phipps web site
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Text based on The Stuckists Punk Victorian book (National Museums Liverpool)

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