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Brian Sherwin is the senior editor on the myartspace site, with a widespread reputation for his extensive and non-partisan interview series with over 400 artists. This is unique in its scope in contemporary art writing, encompassing world famous names such as James Rosenquist, as well as relatively unknown artists whom he considers of worth. In total it constitutes an invaluable record of contemporary art, as seen through the words of its practitioners. He has provided opportunities for new artists to gain attention for their work through open competitions. He has featured leading Stuckists, including Charles Thomson, Paul Harvey, Bill Lewis, Guy Denning, Terry Marks and Godfrey Blow, as well as the second Remodernist group, the Defastenists from Ireland. Brian Sherwin (born 22.1.80) is an artist in his own right, and lives in Ilinois, USA, where he campaigns for an increased art presence.

He said in an email to this site, "My main goal for the interview series from day one was to offer a balanced source of documentation for the 'here and now'. As you know, most of the top publications miss out on informing the public about talented artists and current movements because they are bound by the old establishment that has hampered the world of art writing for several decades now. Even free voices like David Lee are still subjected to a certain degree of elbow rubbing and the wearing of specific hats. That is something I avoid. I consider myself to be one of the few authentic neutral voices at this time as far as reporting what is really going on in the artworld instead of being told what I should report on and when. Neutral with a bite."

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