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Some of the paintings offered to the Tate by Stuckist artists.
Higher resolution images available on request. Tel: 020 7613 0988. Email: stuckism@yahoo.co.uk

by Wolf Howard
Charity Work
by Philip Absolon
Tube Girls
by Mandy McCartin (Guest Artist)
Cameras Watching Over You
by Frances Castle

by Paul Harvey

Diana Dors With a Machine Gun
by Joe Machine

The Marriage
by Eamon Everall
Dog and Cat Underwater
by Wolf Howard
Dusty Queen of Amsterdam
by Ella Guru
Until the Last Dog Is Hung
by Joe Machine
If We Could Undo Psychosis 2
by Jane Kelly

Toxteth Cherub
by Naive John

God Is an Atheist - She Doesn't Believe in Me
by Bill Lewis
Woman in New York (Stella Vine Gets Married)
by Charles Thomson
Leigh Bowery
by Sexton Ming
His Muse
by Peter McArdle
Sir Nicholas Serota Makes an Acquisitions Decision
by Charles Thomson

The Whole World - The Turner Prize = A Better World
by Rachel Jordan