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(The Stuckists)


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Philip Absolon was one of the founding artists of the first Stuckist art group in 1999 and has regularly exhibited in their shows since, as well as taking part in most of the Stuckist demonstrations outside Tate Britain against the Turner Prize. He has been associated with core members of the Stuckists since the late 1970s, when he read on occasion with the Medway Poets group, although he was not a formal member. He is also a poet.

He is an assiduous life drawer and regularly works with the live model, though this might not be apparent in his work, which has sometimes been seen as "outsider art". He has had previous long term employment problems, and depicts these experiences. A major series of paintings shows jobless skeletons. His other main theme is cats, which he observes from life. He often shows the animals in motion by superimposing various positions in one image.

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Philip Absolon from the DVD Stuckism: It's a Dirty Job

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