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Wolf Howard was a founder member of the original Stuckists group in 1999,
and exhibited in all the major Stuckist shows. He left the group in 2006,
but will be represented in selected future exhibitions.

Wolf Howard is an artist, pinhole photographer, poet, short story writer and musician, who has drummed in many bands, particularly with Billy Childish. He avoided going to art college, as the thought the effect would be deleterious for his creativity. He has experienced long term unemployment, and this emerges as subject matter in his work. He has an affection for "old" things, whether customs, boots, furniture or typewriters. He was a founder member of the Stuckist art group. He was born in Strood, and lives in Chatham, Kent.

He draws considerably on life experiences in his art, including friends, household pets (sometimes with irritation after they have used his shoes instead of a litter tray) and often self-portraits in activities he engages in, like playing drums, or locations he has visited, including Venice and Tunisia. He learnt to paint by doing it, and his work is characterised by strong impasto. The resultant spontaneity belies a practice, which can often necessitate considerable scraping off and repainting to reach the end result. Some paintings have disappeared altogether, when they have been painted over.

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Wolf Howard from the DVD Stuckism: It's a Dirty Job

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