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Check the Stuckist Diaryland page for most updates from March 2001 to October 2002

A press release from Brisbane Art Workshops in Australia announces the forthcoming launch of the Brisbane Gallery of Remodernism, "as a direct response to the Brisbane Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA); the Institute of Modern Art (IMA) and the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Art. All centres support the Post-Modernist movement, often showing objects disguised as 'art', reaffirming the fact that art has in-fact become a parody of itself." Read the full text here.


On Saturday 17 October 2009, the Hartismo (Galician Hartista Stuckists Group), which started in Spain, celebrates its first year of life. The Hartista Stuckists are in 13 countries with more than 50 autonomous affiliated groups. They have published three editions of their magazine, and carried out gatherings and protest actions.

To celebrate their first birthday, they have invited to all the painters, hartistas or not, to occupy peacefully with their art the outskirts of the CGAC (Galician Contemporary Art Center), and subsequently the old helmet of Compostela. It will be the first event of the Convocatoria Pinta(c), which they will celebrate each year in support of the recognition of painting as contemporary art.

They are inviting painters from all over the country, including Pedro Good, Manuela Díaz Orjales, Rafael Úbeda and Alfonso Coast, as well as Caesar Aguilar, of the Catalonia Stuckistas Catalonian. The CONVOCATORIA PINTA[C] will consist of the painting pictures in situ with the participation of member of the public. They bill it as a great opportunity to experience "that rare and experimental variety of art called PAINTING."

The event begins around 11 o'clock in the morning in the environment of the CGAC, where Avelina Lésper, Mexican art critic and member of Hartismo, will read out a specially composed text. At the end of the day, there will be a gathering in the studio of the artist, Méndez, a hartista from Compostela, for a Magosto (traditional feast).

The works carried out in the Convocatoria Pinta(c) they will be shown subsequently in various locations through the city. For more details, see the Hartista blog the blog hartista http://hartismo.blogspot.com, to write info@hartismo.com, or call Mariano Casas on 606652666 or Anxo Varela on 665491386. Web site: www.hartismo.com


Miami Stuckists in the Miami Herald (29.8.09). See also Metromix articles Miami Stuckists' Debut (6.8.09), Meet the Stuckists (click through arrows to read the article) and Meet more of the Stuckists. Miami Stuckists New Life show on Shows page.
Some photos of Miami Stuckist opening on South Florida Metromix. Meanwhile a little controversy ensues - see below.


Nick Christos (left) of the Miami Stuckists objects to conceptual art (4.8.09). Meanwhile Angelica strongly objects to the Miami Stuckists objecting (5.8.09). Nick Christos objects to the objection to their objecting, and writes to us: "Our group has been under attack recently by some local gallery establishment regulars who have - suddenly - found fault with the work of one of our artists and accused her of plagiarism. Here's the kicker - our artist has been working in the same visual style for several years, and the accusing parties have seen her work on numerous occasions beforehand. The issue was brought up only after the Miami Stuckists' exhibition was announced. It makes me wonder if there is a hidden agenda here..." Stuckism reveals all here:

Monica Gorsky. The Wheel Anna Gurgis. Untitled

Omitting other considerations, such as the amount of contact between the two artists, the length of time each artist was working in a particular way, and even which work was done first, we present a visual comparison, so that readers can judge for themselves whether work by the artist on the right could possibly have been - not perhaps just influenced by or inspired by or even have some similar elements to - but actually full-on plagiarised or directly copied from work by the artist on the left. With that, we rest the case for the defence, m'lud.

We are a group of artists who share your opinions about art, and have created the HARTISMO. We´d like to associate with you. Check out our website, and watch our spot in youtube, it´s called HARTISMO. "Hartismo" has a double meaning, fed up (harto) and art, because we are tired of oficial art, videoinstalations, and all the boring stuff we have to put up with everywhere. Group founders are Mariano Casas, Carmen Martín, Miguel-Anxo Varela. Contact details here.

Rich Cronborg, president of the Chicago Stuckists, tells us his new book, The Journey: Memoirs of a South Side Chicago kind of guy, is "a rip-roaring book that shows a hard core city guy, who lives life 100 miles per hour!".
Buy or browse inside it on amazon.com

Kay Bridge writes on the founding of the Adelaide Stuckists group:
So many fellow art, design and education students regularly cry that they are "Stuck in Adelaide!" Essentially we are pissed off with the pretentiousness and closed shop mentality of the art establishments in Adelaide. It's only accepted and has to be seen as 'cutting edge' or 'ground breaking' if it is a rehash of some post-modern cliche from Melbourne or Sydney and art under their nose is ignored, because it is 'local' or from some other unworthy pigeon hole. I have read the Stuckist manifesto and essays etc. and punched the air like a football fan on many points."

Jan 2008
Jeffrey Scott Holland, neo-expressionist and Stuckist artist, has officially cancelled his successful "Project Egg" series of art installations, citing his concerns about releasing the plastic easter eggs into the environment. In April 2006 and April 2007, green plastic eggs containing Holland's miniature paintings were hidden throughout the United States. Project Egg Phase Three had been slated for April 2008 and was to have taken the artsy egg hunt worldwide, with the eggs being hidden in all continents of the globe. After learning of the massive pools of decaying plastic garbage polluting areas of the ocean by not completely biodegrading, Holland made a decision to end the popular egg hunt for the sake of the environment.

Holland says of the problem, "Throughout the planet, there are places where you can dip a cup of water from the ocean, and when you analyze it, you find it's filled with invisible molecules of plastic. The human race is literally turning the ocean into liquid plastic. Even if we stopped manufacturing plastics right now, I'm not sure whether it's too late." "The majority of the eggs in Project Egg don't actually get found, and my concern is that the eggs could end up washed into storm drains and ultimately wind up in the ocean. I cannot, in good conscience, be a party to that." As for the thousands of green plastic Easter eggs already obtained for the event, Holland vows to find a means to permanently recycle them, including grinding them into a particulate material to blend into his paintings, thereby keeping them indoors and out of landfills and oceans.

Jeffrey Scott Holland is founder of the Mid-Kentucky Stuckists.
Web sites: www.jeffreyscottholland.com + www.jshdc.com (Jan 08)

Chris Hardy (Phoenix Stuckists) in Downtown Phoenix Journal (25.10.07)

Ghosts: Stuck in the past, future and present (3.11.05 - 14.12.05) by Alex Forster aka Cabròn (Vienna Stuckists). Link

Tony 'Baloney' Juliano (Connecticut Stuckists) live on radio WPKN 89.5 FM
Tues 16 Nov 2004, 10pm East Coast time (Wed 17 Nov, 3am London)
listen on line at http://www.wpkn.org Tony's website www.agooart.com
Tony is currently exhibiting in The Stuckists Punk Victorian, Liverpool

The Capobianco Gallery in San Francisco has closed after the owner Lori Haigh received death threats and was assaulted after exhibiting a painting by Guy Colwell, which showed the torture of Iraqi prisoners at the Abu Ghraib jail.

Information on this, the Berlin anti-war museum and a new exhibition by Mark Vallen can be found in the June 2004 newsletter of www.art-for-a-change.com .

That's how NY Stuckist Terry Marks is promoting her first solo show This Is Not An Installation (starts 1 May) at the Koi Gallery in trendy Williamsburg (think Shoreditch). She proclaims:

  • No religious icons submerged in or smeared with human waste products
  • No heaps of rotting compost in plexiglass cases
  • No taxidermy barnyard animals floating in formaldehyde
  • No desecrated flags
  • WARNING: this exhibit contains figurative narratives and representations of recognizable objects

However it should be pointed out that the narratives do 'read as unresolved mysteries waiting for individual viewers to supply the missing puzzle-pieces', so it's not going to be as straightforward as it might seem. Details of Koi gallery here. Terry Marks website: www.artgalny.com

The German Stuckism International Centre in Lewenhagen near Hanover now has a permanent collection of Stuckist paintngs on display, including Bill Lewis, Ella Guru, Sexton Ming, Charles Thomson and Phiip Absolon. Visits by appointment. More details here.

The Deatrick Gallery is the first one in
the world, to our knowledge, to declare itself 'Remodernist'. Remodernism is the Stuckist proposal for a period of spiritual vitality to replace the jaded irony of Postmodernism. The Deatrick gallery declares itself, "especially interested in true contemporary, honest, raw outsider fine art". It is located at 1661 Story Avenue, Louisville, Kentucky.
Links: Deatrick Gallery | Stuckist Remodernism Manifesto

Tony Juliano, Connecticut Stuckists, writes: "As many of you know I sell reproductions of my artwork as magnets, 8x10 matted prints and large Giclee prints. So to get more buyers I opened up a store on eBay. Go to... http://www.stores.ebay.com/agooart links to my store are all over my web site too. Also I put up a few new pics on my site of some shows I did."

The New Haven Stuckists dressed as clowns and held a trial of President Bush on the steps of the New Haven Federal Courthouse today to highlight the fact that the Iraq war does not have the support of the United Nations, thus violating a binding contract with the U.N. The demo was covered by WFSB Channel 3 and News 12 Connecticut. Photo and video link on News 12 TV.
Articles in New Haven Advocate and Yale Daily News.

New Haven Stuckists Co-founder, Jesse Richards, informs us, "the clown in the News 12 picture is John Watson, Nic's dad, who happens to be a public defender for the state of CT. He thought it would be cool to dress up with us as clowns and do the thing. He ended up playing the clown judge. The courthouse that he works at is a block away from the federal courthouse where we did this."

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October 2002

The Kaye Blum short film 'Art Gets Unstuckup' about the Melbourne Stuckists has been accepted for screening at the International Film Festival of Fine Art in Hungary 1-6 October 2002 and also at the Asolo Arts Film Festival in Italy.

Exhibition in the New York area

The Fringe, 76 Oliver Street, Newark, New Jersey 07105-1118, USA
(20 minutes from NYC by PATH train)
March 2002 through 5 May 2002
Featuring East Coast and London Stuckists, and local guests.
Admission by appointment:frinpoe@aol.com. Tel: 001 973 3444049

Terry Marks, New York Stuckists, Exhibits
6 new paintings by Terry Marks
The Cold North: Sturm und Drang
SVA GALLERY, 209 East 23
March 21 - April 3, 2002
Email: terry@artgalny.com | Web site: www.artgalny.com

"Houdini to Hofmann."
Stuckist show in Melbourne. Nov 28 - Dec 9 , at the "Chiara Goya Gallery ", Fitzroy. more info on flyer here or from regan tamanui

Message from New York

"here in nyc & over a week later, there is still smoke rising from the site of the former WTC, which i can see from my window. people are trying to get back to normal, but it's very difficult, especially downtown where debris is still airborne and people wear face masks. everywhere else has become a giant memorial, with photocopied notices of people who are still missing posted up on bus shelters, public telephones, and sides of buildings.

"everyone i know has been in a severe state of shock for a week, unable to sleep, eat, concentrate, or do anything at all. we're gradually snapping out of it, but we've been changed. the sound of planes overhead makes me look up anxiously; the talk of war on the radio makes my stomach hurt. all this flag-waving is making me nervous. seeing it on t.v. was bad enough, seeing it in person, live, out the window, was unreal.

"i want to say thank you here to everyone from the stuckist network who emailed me. your kind words are all appreciated. i need to laugh right now so anyone who's got any good jokes please send them. thanks."

Terry Marks

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Second Orlando show cancelled

Organiser Rebecca Ellis writes: "This message is for all Stuckists: Due to the terrible events here in the United States, there will not be a second opening of PINK.I regret that I will not be able to have a second exhibit of the Stuckists' paintings, as it seems inappropriate at this time. Thank you to all that supported my efforts."

The Seattle group has added, "The current situation makes it impossible to plan any future events right now."

Iracema Brochado from Brasil expresses worldwide sentiment: "We feel deeply sorry for those who lost their lives as much as for those who lost their friends, colleagues, and loved ones. [This] moment is for solidarity and cooperation, above all."

Oz gets unstuck

Stuckist documentary short film 'Art gets unstuck' by Kaye Blum has been accepted into the "Jaffas down the aisle film festival" in Melbourne from Oct 17 - Nov 4. Email Regan Tamanui for more details.

8 September Orlando exhibition to raise profile of Stuckism in the USA

Much interest has been generated about the upcoming Stuckist exhibition in Orlando, Florida. Plans are in the works for larger shows. Check www.stealingisgood.com for details of the show on 8 September, or email abimo@excite.com.

Addendum: Terry Marks of New York is mentioned in this article about the show. (10.09.01)

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Three New Haven Stuckists will show art

Three of the New Haven Stuckists (Jesse Richards, Marisa Shepherd, and Catherine Chow) will be showing their paintings for the first time as part of City-Wide Open Studios in New Haven, Ct. from Oct. 15th until Oct. 28. One piece by each will be at the main exhibition through the whole time period listed, and the other paintings will be shown on the weekend of Oct. 27th and 28th. More info will be available at cwos.org, or you can e-mail the New Haven Stuckists at newhavenstuckists@yahoo.com

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Brixton Art Sale

Art Sale: Michelle England Invites you to An sale of early drawings and paintings on Sunday 19th August, 4pm – 6pm, at 31 Goodwood Mansions, Stockwell Par Walk, SW9 OXZ. 0207 738 3113. Handmade cards from £2, paintings from £10

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The Stuckist Traveling Exhibit at the Zinc Gallery in L.A. (located at 2728 Auburn), whose opening night reception was on Friday, July 13th, will be having a SECOND party on the evening of the 19th! Show runs 'til 30 July 2001.

jackietv@sanfranmail.com commented: "The show was a lot of fun and I had no idea there would be so many different styles of painting there, it definitely took a long time to absorb it all, it wasn't like walk in and look for a few minutes then you're done, like some art shows. ... I think the one with the skeletons drinking was my favorite (Philip Absolon). The food at the show was actually good hot prepared food, not the usual punch and cookies. I had a wonderful time and I'll go back again..."

Stuckists everywhere are encouraged to submit to the Traveling Exhibit. The location for the next stop on the tour is still undetermined. Email Jeffrey Scott Holland for more details

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Stuckism went coast to coast in the USA today on NPR (National Public Radio). Co-founders Thomson and Childish (the latter now departed from the group) were
on a recorded interview with Rick Karr. Check out site (with audio and slide show):

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The lads from Melbourne are at it again and are due to appear on channel 2 (ABC TV) at 9.30 am, Sunday 22 July, on "Coast to Coast". Nigel Stein sticks up for Stuckism when an "academic person was just trying 2 bag us as some kind of publicity stunt".

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Another service courtesy of the Kentucky Stuckists: http://chat1.com/teenchat/tcp.cgi
Room name: Stuckist
Apparently you do not have to be a teenager (but you can always pretend). Suggested time to go there: 10pm (GMT) Saturdays. Otherwise you'll probably find you are chatting to yourself (again).

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A true story from Brazil shows what utter shite goes on in the 'art world':

A jury arrived at an important Art exhibition to evaluate work and grant prizes. Immediately, one of the jurors determinedly moved himself towards what seemed to be one of the works laid apart in a distant corner: a kind of panel, with coloured plastic pieces spread over its surface. Mr. Juror got steadily enchanted with the piece, solemnly ignoring the remaining art work (with not even a glimpse). "And, with equal attitude, was going to award that thing with the first prize... When one of the employees of the location approached him, to clarify that the panel had no relation with the rest of the artwork: it was the local employees' presence board."

Courtesy of Iracema

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They came "...from as far as almost 100 miles away, to witness the Stuckist Traveling Exhibit's opening show in the bustling micropolis of Richmond, Kentucky. Even Gwenda Bond showed up.

"A quite sizable crowd came and mostly stayed all evening, imbibing beer (Dockery provided free beer, so the Everclear-spiked punch was foregone) and oohing and ahhing at the Billy Childish paintings. Cheeseburger & Fries performed with special guest Eggroll on Mandolin, wowing the crowd with our low-budget gutbucket hillbilly garage punk blues. The little girls understand. Hair Police also played a brief but powerful noise-jam on our instruments after we went upstairs.... more"

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And vice versa it would seem. Melbourne Stuckists, founded by Regan Tamanui, have been somewhat surprised by a double-page spread in the city's The Age newspaper, followed by enquiries from TV stations. Read all about it
(If that link stops working we have archived the article here)

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SAfm (South Africa national radio) did a five-minute
spot on Stuckism 26 May.

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On Saturday, May 26th, the Seattle Stuckists (J. Puma, Z.F. Lively, Amanda Perrin, and myself, Brett Hamil) gathered to protest the kick-off of the Pigs On Parade event here in the Emerald City. For those who are unfamiliar, this is the latest in a plague of "Animals On Parade" events which will or have already occurred in about three dozen cities this summer alone (including London [cows] and Lexington, Kentucky [horses]). continued as html page, word or pdf.

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Message board has now been set up by Jeffrey Scott Holland. Any other Stuckists worldwide are invited to contribute.

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If you register as an artist with artincontext.org you will be pleased to know that their list of official categories now includes Stuckism, which nestles in between Structuralism and Surrealism. This is thanks to the efforts of Jeffrey Scott Holland (Mid Kentucky Stuckists).

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The three US Stuckist groups are planning a joint travelling show of work. Watch this space.

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Jeffrey Scott Holland (Mid Kentucky Stuckists) has a virtual art show for the next month sponsored by Bronwyn Keenan Gallery at http://www.artnewyork.com.

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The opening of the London Stuckists show THE STUCKISTS: THE FIRST REMODERNIST ART GROUP at Artbank Gallery on 7 March 2001, also marked the launch of STUCKISM INTERNATIONAL, the network of Stuckist groups around the world.

Susan Constanse, founder of The Pittsburgh Stuckists, and Nichollas Hamper, founder of The Oxford Stuckists, are both represented by a painting in the exhibition. This is the first time work from different groups outside London has been shown together.

The first international co-operation between groups was last October when THE REAL TURNER PRIZE SHOW 2000 was staged simultaneously in London, Dartington, Hamburg and Melbourne.

The London Stuckists web site has now been redesigned with pages allocated specifically for Stuckism International.

The idea of an international show or conference has already been suggested, but certainly isn't going to happen this week.

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The people who started the Seattle Stuckists are a whacky bunch who have a website www.puppetslounge.com The following is an excerpt from their latest promo for it. To get on the mailing list contact jpuma@puppetslounge.com

"Where on the Web can you find a thoughtful treatise on "Art and Spirituality" alongside a venomous diatribe against inanimate objects?  Where else on God's green earth can loving depictions of shaved Siamese cats coexist peacefully with coprophiliac bacteria and old bearded guys in dresses?  Indeed, how many websites offer you the opportunity to personally participate in the persecution of the Indonesian Sun Bears while simultaneously fighting to end the pernicious tyranny of poetry?

"According to our most recent search engine results, 237.

"But one website stands out among them all:  the Puppet's Lounge.  Really.  That's because all of our content undergoes a stringent battery of subjectification and re-objectification techniques, bleeding out all of the post-ironic conceptualist claptrap,  fetishistic consumerist twaddle, and amateurish masturbatory pabulum, and then re-fortifying it with stuff that's actually quite good."

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The recently formed Melbourne Stuckists stage their first-ever show, which is a sister show of the London Stuckist's alternative to Tate Britain's pathetic attempt at art. They may be down under (or we may be from their point of view) but they're not slow off the mark.

Dead End Gallery
11 Reno Road
Sandringham Melbourne Victoria Australia
27 Oct - 30 Nov
Mon-Thu 6pm till late
Fri-Sat 7pm till late Contact Regan Zero regan99@hotmail.com Tel: (03)95020470

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An intrepid bunch of Stuckist supporters in deepest Devon have now officially started the Dartington Stuckist group.

Its origin is Dartington College. Members are Andrew Edwards, Jason Pinhunt, Keith Cook, Liz Hyde, Celebrity Ham.

An exhibition is being planned for Autumn.

It should be noted that this is a completely independent group, founded to support the main aims of Stuckism (see Manifesto) but doesn't mean they agree with everything, we hope

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1 December 2000


Stuckism continues to fulfill its promise of internationalism and regionalism with the first group in Germany, "The Lewenhagener Stuckists", in Loewenhagen,founded by Mary Lewenhagener and Tim Nathan Joel.

Like all our sister groups this one is independently motivated and self-determined, inspired by the founding Stuckist group. We exercise no control over other groups, but accept their right to be and welcome our contact with them.

They write:" The studio, Lewenhagener Auge, is set up and constantly productive.We would like to be able to hear from other like minded artists. The studio is, afterall, here to be used. So if there are other Stuckists roaming around Germany who are looking for space to paint, paint, paint. Then we recommend they contact us.

Mary and I began producing works together at the start of September, we are having our first exhibition from December the 15th onwards into the early part of 2001. Mary has already organised an exhibition here which took place in the Summer of 2000."

Contact: lewenhagenerstuckists@hotmail.com