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Philip Absolon, Ella Guru and Sexton Ming visiting the Centre of Remodernism and Stuckism, Germany

The Centre of Remodernism and Stuckism, Lewenhagen, is a place where artists can come to relax and paint in an idyllic German countryside setting. The lower floor of the house (see photo right) is a Stuckist Gallery and glass working studio. There is also a painting room on the top floor, and plenty of room for inspiration on the vast grounds.

The most unique feature at Lewenhagen is the Maze. Unlike the trimmed hedges of Hampton Court, the Lewenhagen Maze has been only minimally directed by Mary von Stockhausen's hand, leaving nature to retain its magical atmosphere. Mary has installed permanent glassworks and paintings in the Maze, as well as paintings made especially for outdoor wear. Temporary exhibitions also take place in the Maze in summer.

Photo: Christian Malsch

Photo: Christian Malsch

"This year's first Art Visitor here in the Stuckist Center, Germany, was Philip Absolon, who arrived in Lewenhagen in mid April. He was happy to find Oil Paints. He started painting straight away. Philip made friends with the dogs quickly which helped the painting in which they appeared.

"We spent quite a bit of time in the Maze, an outdoor gallery grown from hedges and trees and shaped like a maze. One evening we went to a party where Philip was delighted to draw beautiful, blond, German girls. The very last day of his stay he did a little painting of it, which came out nice!

"Christian Malsch documented the artist, art and models carefully with his camera and also took some interesting portraits.

Photos: Christian Malsch

"A month later Ella Guru, Sexton Ming and their little daughter Lucy came to Lewenhagen. Conny Lösch drove them here and stayed with us for a night. Ella Guru has been here before, she came to paint a portrait of my sister Lizzy, which was commissioned by my mother Gabriele von Stockhausen.

"Ella painted also two paintings when she was here this time, just like Philip before, taking in the place and painting what is there, the chickens and the garden. The Maze was often visited by her, Sexton Ming and Lucy. They approved of the spaces where their wood-paintings are hung, those paintings were painted especially for the Maze last year.

Photo: Christian Malsch

Photo: Christian Malsch

"Ella also made a video of their visit in Lewenhagen; it gives a great impression of what the place is about and its atmosphere.

"Again Christian was here and took many photos. For him both the visit of Ella and Philip was special, as he just founded the Göttingen Stuckist Photographers. He has been interested in the Stuckists for 3 years, so now being able to portray some Stuckists was very fitting

"At present me and Christian Malsch are working on an exhibition. Paintings by Philip Absolon and Ella Guru will be exhibited as well as paintings by myself and Photography of Christian. Along with the paintings of Philip and Ella that were painted in Lewenhagen this year, there will be a photo documentary by Christian.

"The exhibition will be hopefully in the Maze, or if it rains, in the Stuckist Center in Lewenhagen.

- Mary von Stockhausen


Photo: Christian Malsch

Photo: Christian Malsch

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