We are a group of students from the London Institute and the University College of London. We paint pictures which are shown alongside those of the Stuckists in their exhibitions.

The Stuckists are the 'dirty dozen' of the art world: a group of freedom fighters against the Saatchi machine. Stuckism is the only emerging force against Brit Art and stagnant conceptualism.

We are spreading the message around London colleges with posters and flyers. We know there is a huge untapped pool of sympathy for Stuckism lying amongst London art students, and we realise the importance of their role in the future of art.

- Rohan Tesh, Daniel Pasteiner




As Camberwell art students studying on what primarily is a conceptual course, it is easy to become bogged down in a quagmire of post- modernism, intellectualising bad objects under the pseudo-intellectual guise of satire. We say death to irony. Stuckism has our full attention and admiration.

We now work without the term YBA hanging over us (like a dead horse). We are sincere - none of this pretentious non-art.

We are sensitive, creative people. Why should we be dull, repetitive and mainstream, when there is the opportunity to be brave and original.

One line conceptual 'sculptures' are not only ten a penny but also boring. It seems painting, or more specifically Stuckism, is the avant- garde.

- Katherine Gardner, Susan Finlay


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