We are having a bring-a-bottle party for artists and friends towards the end of our show at Artbank Gallery. If you are already a friend of an artist, then contact them for details.

Should they be on holiday in Australia (which none of them are, as a point of information) or should you not yet be a friend, but have a desire to become one, then please email for details.

Put in subject box: PARTY ENQUIRY.

In the text please state your name, address and phone number and the nature of your interest in Stuckism (a phrase is all that is required, a sentence will do, a paragraph is positively unsightly).

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you do end up toddling along 1)bring a bottle, that is with drink of your choice in it, except 2) RED wine is NOT allowed, I am afraid, nor is smoking indoors.

Things are going pretty well at the moment.  There's a nice kind of upbeat feeling in the air.

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