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Billy Childish is a legendary figure in underground painting, writing and music. In a twenty year period he has recorded over 80 independent, full length LPs, published two novels, thirty collections of poetry and painted over 1000 paintings. Childish continues to write and paint in Chatham.

Major exhibitions: one man shows

  1. De Media, Belgium
  1. Syncopat, Barcelona
  1. Westwerk, Hamburg
  1. Het Getal 0, Amsterdam
  1. 'Days with a hart…' Cubitt Street Gallery, London
  2. Espace Tristan Bernard, Paris
  3. 1995 'Big Hart and Balls' Cubitt Gallery, London

  4. Gallerie Fruchtig, Frankfurt
  5. H.T.C. Gallerie, Berlin

1997 No Life, Los Angeles

1997 Westwerk, Hamburg

1997 'Messerschmitt Pilot…' Maidstone Art Gallery

1997 Other Music, New York

1997 Virus, Munich

1998 'A terrible hunger for love' Joe Fritz, Freiburg

1998 Flowers East, Artist of the Day

Group Shows

1992 Esther Schipper, Koln

1992 Tattoo Collection, Paris and New York

1993 Malerei 2000, Hamburg and Malmo, Sweden

1994 War Child, Flowers East, London

1995 Imprint '93 at City Racing, London

1997 Multiple Choice, Cubitt Gallery, London

1998 A to Z, The Approach, London

"The man is a phenomenon on the margins of everything, even on the margins of art" - Artscribe

"Terse, gutsy and powerfully humane" - Time Out

"A completely authentic outspout of creative play" - The Guardian