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Sexton 'The Ming' Ming, was born in the dismal town of Gravesend and rejected by Medway College (which actually accepted Bill Lewis and Billy Childish), but subsequently proved himself to be 'all powerful' by becoming a founder-member of The Medway Poets in 1980 along with the other two and Charles Thomson. The Ming is on 15 LPs and CDs with his unique musical and poetic output.


'Sexton Ming, famous for his humungous cock (rumoured by some to resemble a walnut whip) says: "Art has gone all crappy. Any fool can fart and call it art. I might not be technically good but at least it's paint. I don't believe in gimmicks, apart from my own.


I like painting queers and animals and witches. They are outcasts. Please have kind thoughts when you look at my work. I can hear what you think. Let me rest. I don't like ARTY TYPES. Ralph Steadman called me a failed interlectual (sic)."'

And still more, on the eve of the opening of the first Stuckist exhibition, 15 September 1999:


"You want a fisting? I'll fist you, you cunt! And I won't use any lubricant! Your arse will look like shredded wheat when I've finished with you!

"Do you like my paintings? Well, fuck you, you cunt. Go stick some pipe up your arse!

"I don't like you and you don't like me so let's fuck. I don't like anyone really. So I guess I'm fucked over. I'm an angry young man who's getting old.

"I like to shit. And I like painting it. So fuck you up your arse you cunt. Donšt talk to me else I'll smash your face in. You can go hang by your bollocks.

"My paintings include:

The Handy Tree
Lesbian Witches
Ploppy the Cow
Deliverance (collection of Josh Collins)
Shemale Stronghold (collection of Steady)

"Plus lots more!

"I am prolific in fucking you over you cunt! You shoulda been flushed down the toilet at birth. I don't like you. Go away. You smell.

"up your pipe. I've had enough of you arse bandit types!

Sexton Ming"

Please note : Mr Ming will not be available for interviews as he hears voices.