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For more on Charles Thomson see here.

Charles Thomson was born in Romford, Essex in 1953. He went to Brentwood School with Douglas 'Hitchhiker' Adams, distributed OZ magazine round London and in 1979 was awarded the FFIAD by Maidstone College of Art Painting Department (First Fail in A Decade). He was a founder-member of the Medway Poets with Childish, Lewis and Ming.

He worked for seven years part-time on the switchboard of KCOAH (Kent County Ophthalmic and Aural Hospital).

In 1987 he became a full-time poet, performing his work in over 700 schools and represented in over 100 anthologies from major publishers.

He had not painted for fifteen years (see Bill Lewis) but felt compelled back to it in 1997. He met up again with Billy Childish and suggested they joined forces to start a painting group called 'Stuckism' based on a Tracey Emin comment in one of Billy's poems. That was on Thursday 28 January 1999 in Billy's kitchen in Chatham.