Some paintings 2013 and after
(Easel 1)

Paintings in this series: A / B / C
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All paintings are acrylic on canvas, 60 x 80 cm (23.6" x 31.5")


5. Weight Lifter


8. Walking in the Rain SOLD


10. Posting a Letter SOLD


11. Painter


13. Clown


15. Tank Plant (after an idea by Jasmine Surreal)


16. Plant Woman


19. Woman with Sunglasses


23. Woman with Brown Hair and Floating Colours


27. Woman with Phone Camera


36. Lamp, Flowers and Pink Pole


38. Two Blue Cups, Flowers and Red Bottle


39. Lamp, Candle and Cat SOLD


41. Fish and Cat Underwater with Submarine and Crosst


48. Orange Cat, Blue Skull and Plant Woman


50. Red Plant Woman, Mask and Cat


51. Orange Lamp, Red Mask and Pink Pole


52. Adrian Henri Meets Pere Ubu


53. Plant Woman with Umbrella and Ubu Man


73. Mask, Woman and Cat


87. Glass, Skull and Bottle


92. Floating Faces with Castle and Cup Cake

93. Woman and Man with Umbrellas


95. Woman, Fish, Heart and Man with Umbrella


108. Woman and Man with Top Hat and Umbrella


109. Mask, Man and Woman


111. The Accusing Finger


114. Three People with Umbrellas

117. The 143 Bus


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