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Billy Childish and the Stuckists - Anachronism in the UK
released for the 2000 Real Turner Prize Show
(Billy left the Stuckists in 2001).

Listen to the Turner Prize Manifesto here.

we proudly present
Mauretania: Sailor
Tattoo Song

by New York Stuckist Terry Marks


Airmail from Brazil. Performed by James Armstrong.
Lyrics by Bill Lewis. Music by James Armstrong. Video by Charles Thomson.
James Armstrong performed at the private view of the Vote Stuckist show 2001.

Also by James Armstrong: STILL SURVIVING + I WANT TO KNOW

She wears a charm around her neck
sent airmail from Brazil
from some Macumba priestess
with the power to heal or kill

as she sips coca cola
in a red light bar
watched over by the spirit
of a hungry jaguar

airmail from Brazil
airmail from Brazil
she wears a charm around her neck
sent airmail from Brazil

chicken blood and drumbeats
airmail from Brazil
mother church and macumba
both have their appeal
as she walks the streets of Paris
down the Bois de Boulogne
selling soul and cinnamon skin
all for a nickel coin


there's a surgeon in Morocco
that she has to pay
if she wants to be a woman
on that dreamt of future day

she needs all the help she can get
six feet tall in her stockinged feet
handcuffed to her birth certificate
the macumba drums beat

(chorus) x 2


Billy Childish Art or Arse (Quicktime player)

Click arrow to play, or click CD to open in new window.
More info on the CD here.

Damien Hirst's got his fish in a tank
some say it's art others think it's wank
Sarah Kent says he's doing quite well
you gotta make your art and you gotta sell

Tracey Emin is a media whore
so what the hell's she crying for
everyone agrees her art is shit
she's made her bed now she lies in it

Duchamp signed his old piss pot
it was anti-art you silly twot
now I think you've all lost the plot
you'd call it art if it was Sarah Lucas's snot


Charles Saatchi is the Svengali
he's in love with Mammon and appearing arty
he gave Damien the shark and told him to stuff it
but he'll go down in history as Thatcher's puppet

Now the Turner Prize is run by a joker
who goes by the name of Sir Nicholas Serota
he wants to be weird and avant garde
but the poor old girl's just trying too hard

If Turner was alive he'd be spinning in his grave
he'd raise his hand and give the two fingered wave
you think it's art but it's arse
to con you mugs isn't very hard

(c) Childish 1996/2000

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