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October 2004

See Triumph of Painting STUCKIST DEMO at the Saatchi Gallery.
See CHARLES SAATCHI THE STUCKIST for previously repeated ideas.

"Now he [Saatchi] has begun to rely on the intuitions of those who are officially his enemies... the Stuckism movement" - Edward Lucie-Smith, Art Review (Nov 2004)

"Saatchi is following their [the Stuckists'] every move" - The Independent

Charles Saatchi's new show in 2005 is called The Triumph of Painting. It should be called The Triumph of Stuckism.

Charles Saatchi has obviously run out of his own ideas, so he's found a solution - simply repeat Stuckist ideas as if he thought of them first.

Charles Saatchi is now calling for more painters in the Turner Prize:
"For the last ten years, only five of the 40 Turner Prize artists have been pure painters."

The Stuckists have campaigned for the last five years for painters to be included in the Turner Prize.

The Saatchi Gallery suddenly states the superiority of painting over other art forms (2004):
“The Gallery believes that throughout a period when photography, video and installation art has been at the forefront of museum attention, painting continues to be the most relevant and vital way that artists’ choose to communicate.”

It is a paraphrase of the Stuckist web site Introduction:
"Stuckism is a radical art movement founded in London in 1999 to advance new figurative painting with ideas as the most vital artistic means of addressing contemporary issues.... The Stuckists are, therefore, opposed to the current pretensions of so-called Brit Art, Performance Art, Installation Art, Video Art"

He has already promoted an ex Stuckist Stella Vine as his new art star.
He read the Stuckist Manifesto in the Stuckism International window.
He is now adopting Stuckism wholesale.

The Telegraph 2.10.04
Charles Thomson of the Stuckists, a group of painters opposed to conceptual art, said last night: "Charles Saatchi is a copycat. If he has finally come around to realising that painting is the most vital way of communicating that is terrific. But, almost verbatim, he's stolen the introduction to our manifesto."

The Times 2.10.04
Mr Saatchi’s newfound love of painting was not greeted with universal acclaim, however. Charles Thomson, who founded a movement called Stuckism to oppose Mr Saatchi’s patronage of installation art, said that the collector was copying his idea. “It is amazing that he dares to do it,” he said.

The Triumph of Painting opens in the Saatchi Gallery, London on 26 January 2005