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Stuckist Demo
at The Saatchi Gallery

25 January 2005

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Naive John

Naive John, anon, EE, Joe Machine

Saatchi "has begun to rely on the intuitions of… the Stuckism movement"
- Edward Lucie-Smith, Art Review
"Saatchi is following the Stuckists every move"
- The Independent

Painting is.....
".....the most vital artistic means of addressing contemporary issues"
(Stuckism 1999)
".....the most relevant and vital way that artists' choose to communicate" (Saatchi 2005)

Charles Saatchi promoted ex Stuckist Stella Vine as his new art star, he visited the Stuckism International Gallery and read the Stuckist manifesto. He has now adopted the Stuckist philosophy wholesale to lead the way in art (6 years too late). Stuckism was founded by artists in 1999 to promote painting as superior to (Charles Saatchi's) conceptual art. In an amazing volte-face this is now his own position

Above: text of leaflet handed out at the demo

Naive John, EE, Joe Machine, Charles Thomson

"Saatchi's party it was, then. Up the steps to County Hall, past heavies in high-visibility jackets (who were positioned there to keep out angry Stuckists, the pro-painting lobby demonstrating against Saatchi for the rather limp reason that they liked painting years before he did, OK?)."
- Hermione Eyre
Independent on Sunday (30.1.05)

* Photos of The Triumph of Painting opening including Nigella Lawson, Grayson Perry, Salman Rushdie, Hermann Nitsch and... er, Stuckist Co-founder Charles Thomson here

* Why wasn't Stella Vine in The Triumph of Painting? here