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First meeting - Fridge Gallery, Brixton 30.5.01.
Left to Right: SP Howarth, unknown woman, Charles Thomson, Stella Vine
Photo: Mary von Stockhausen

Marriage, City Hall New York 8.8.01.
Stella puts imaginary ring on Charles' finger.
Background: registrar

Marriage, City Hall New York 8.8.01.
Charles Thomson and Stella Vine
immediately after the marriage in City Hall (in 'waiting room')
Marriage, City Hall NY 8.8.01. Charles Thomson and Stella Vine after the marriage, outside City Hall
This photo was used on page 39, The Mail on Sunday, 7 March 2004, in an article Stella is a violent, lying She-Devil who told me: 'As long as we are married I won't have sex with you' by Angella Johnson..
Billy Childish, his wife Julie, Charles Thomson, Stella Vine - visiting Billy's studio at his mother's house in Whitstable 26.8.01

Stella Vine, Charles Thomson, Billy Childish outside Billy's house in Chatham, after an overnight stay there. 27.8.01
This photo was used on page 19, The Sunday Times Magazine, 10 June 2007, in an article Paint Stripper by Waldemar Januszczak.