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Stuckist exhibition at the A Gallery, Wimbledon, 17 July - 23 September 2007
154 Merton Hall Rd, Wimbledon SW19 3PZ (Junction with Kingston Road)
Director: Fraser Kee Scott Tel: 020 8540 8296. Email: agalleryartists@aol.com Web: www.agallery.co.uk
More on the show here
Peter McArdle, Adrian Bannister and Paul Harvey
Paul Harvey and Adrian Bannister
Paul Harvey - painting on the left shows Stella Vine and
Charles Thomson on their wedding day. Centre painting
is of Abby Jackson
Paul Harvey
Charles Thomson and Paul Harvey - paintings of Sir Nicholas Serota,
Director of the Tate. Fraser Kee Scott, gallery director on the phone.
Paul Harvey
Right: Michael Dickinson's collage for which he was arrested in Turkey for insulting the Prime Minister (shown as a dog).
Michael Dickinson's collage: he faces a court charge in October. Fraser Kee Scott could also be charged in Turkey for displaying this in the UK.

Mark D depicts Stella Vine, who emailed him "Go fuck yourself", and (bottom left) Paul Myners, Tate chairman. Ella Guru and Steve Coots Leo Goatley and Ella Guru
Jane Kelly, Elsa Dax, Charles Williams, Godfrey Blow, Philip Absolon, Alexis Hunter and Peter Murphy
Peter Murphy

Daniel Pincham-Phipps Jonathan Coudrille Annie Zamero

Eamon Everall Eamon Everall and Adrian Bannister Adrian Bannister and Ella Guru

Adrian Bannister and Peter McArdle Adrian Bannister and Peter McArdle Adrian Bannister and Peter McArdle
Adrian Bannister and Paul Harvey
Adrian Bannister and Charles Thomson
Also in the show (not illustrated): John Bourne, Jenny Westbrook, Naive John, Jacqueline Jones and Weef.

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