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(Istanbul Collage Stuckists)

Political censorship and the internet

Michael Dickinson is the John Heartfield of our time. His scathing, inventive and exquisitely-wrought political collages appeared regularly on his Carnival of Chaos web site, until he put up 'Tyrant's Pants' and Tripod (part of the Lycos group) deleted his whole site without warning or appeal.

New Michael Dickinson site here

Email mdickinson@kablonet.com.tr

Michael Dickinson is the founder of the Istanbul Collage Stuckists

First reported on this site - May 2005

"You are no longer an authorized member of Tripod. You have been removed because your web site violated our Terms of Service."
Story now featured on the Index on Censorship website

"CARNIVAL OF CHAOS is a collection of collages inspired by the violent response of George W Bush
to the suicide attacks on the twin towers in New York on September 11th 2001,
and his increasingly megalomaniacal behaviour since that event."

Hilarious write up on utterpants.co.uk - "Bush furious over Tyrant's Pants ban -
By our woman who knows an American arsehole when she sees one"

Tyrant's Pants by Michael Dickinson                        Tyrant's In His Pants by The Sun

Carnival of Chaos on other sites
A good selection of images on elcadillo.com.mx and some on uplandtrout.co.uk

Some pages from the original site are stored on web.archive.org

"You are no longer an authorized member of Tripod. You have been removed because your web site violated our Terms of Service".

Using scissors and glue, Michael Dickinson has been adding political statements in collage form to his website gallery Carnival of Chaos almost daily since its creation in October 2002. This morning (22 May 2005) he found that the site had been removed with the above message.

Dickinson, who has kept up monthly payments for extra bandwidth to handle the large amount of visitors to the site, wrote to Tripod asking them to explain why it had been removed. So far he has only received this auto-acknowledgement:
"Thank you for writing to the Lycos Abuse Team. We have received your email and will be reviewing it shortly. Please be advised that due to the volume of emails we receive, this may be the only email you receive from us regarding this matter."

During its three year lifespan Carnival of Chaos carried a variety of images reflecting the interesting times we live in, without any problems with Tripod. Yesterday the British newspaper The Sun featured a picture of prisoner Saddam Hussein in his underpants on its front page. It seems to be this latest image in response to The Sun cover that Dickinson posted on his site yesterday which caused the instant removal of the site. For the time being, it's curtains for Carnival of Chaos. Please pass on this last picture of Bush mooning at the world.

MICHAEL DICKINSON is a writer and artist who works as an English teacher in Istanbul, Turkey. He is the founder of The Instanbul Collage Stuckists. He designed the cover art for two CounterPunch books, Serpents in the Garden and Dime's Worth of Difference, as well as Grand Theft Pentagon, forthcoming from Common Courage Press.
He can be contacted at mdickinson@kablonet.com.tr     Censored site address: http://carnival_of_chaos.tripod.com

Article by Michael Dickinson 'Censoring the Carnival of Chaos' in counterpunch.org and bigomagazine.com (4 pictures)

"Web site banned for Bush parody" on art-for-a-change.com
(+ indybay.org + la.indymedia.org + nyc.indymedia.org + yayacanada.com + 16beavergroup.org)

Comment by Evan Jones (Australia) on alertandalarmed.blogspot.com
("Does posting images of war criminals not in custody flout a Geneva Convention?")
Comment by Gregoire (US) on http://gregoire.gnn.tv

The story is reported on mediawatchwatch.org.uk/ , pulpmovies.com/gagwatch , blogcarnival.com , loreto.weblogs.us
, bartcopnation.com , mparent7777.blog-city.com , radio.weblogs.com (with real photo of Bush in his underwear!), madguerillabrigade.com

And some of the US actions which are the background to this collage:
Guantanamo Bay in The Observer (UK), The Guardian (UK) and ABC (Australia)

Article by Michael Dickinson on Billy Graham in Counterpunch here and on G8 summit and 'the abolition of money' here
'The ancient Babylonians called gold 'the shit of hell'

Articles by Michael Dickinson on BTC Georgian oil pipeline on www.counterpunch.org & on blasphemy here

Michael Dickinson is a contributing artist in the book Peace Signs: the Anti War Movement Illustrated

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