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(Istanbul Collage Stuckists)

Political censorship and the internet

These would have appeared on the Carnival of Chaos web site had it not been banned.
We will be putting up Michael's collages here, till gets a new site running.

"You are no longer an authorized member of Tripod. You have been removed
because your web site violated our Terms of Service".


"By the way, the hoodie in the middle is Bono... Condi Rice top left; Bush with Frank N Furter lips and Raging Bull eye top right; bottom row Nosferatu Sharon, Freddy Kruger Rumsfeld, with screaming Tony Blair and wife Sheree."

Top of the World Ma
("Top of the World, Ma!" is a famous quote from the 1949 film White Heat - the gunned down dying words of Jimmy Cagney playing a violent, pyschopathic crook, prone to stress headaches, who dotes on his mother, herself a cunning and ruthless criminal and the matriarch of his gang. Say no more?)


Holy Shit!



Lord and Master


W of Mass Destruction

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