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List of Stuckist demos Trafalgar Square (2001) White Cube (2002) Saatchi Gallery (2005)

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2010 Turner Prize: Main page Photos - press launch - prize day - high res promo
On this page: 2010 Turner Prize Stuckist demo - demo leaflet - prize day - press launch - nominees announced


Turner demos since 2000: 11 years of service to the public.
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Demo placards

Turner Prize demo placards displayed outside Tate Britain

Demo leaflet
Download high res version here
Download high res version here
High res image with pink background as on
demo placard here

Turner Prize: 6 December 2010
Demo photos here

"The Turner Prize award ceremony always attracts protest usually in the shape of the Stuckists, a group of bedraggled, eccentric-looking artists who gather outside Tate Britain in funny hats and bemoan the death of representational painting."
The Spectator (22.1.11.)

Ian Bell in The Herald (Scotland) discusses Stuckist view (12.12.10)

Stuckist artist Jasmine Maddock
Links to high res images here

Jasmine Maddock quoted on 3ammagazine (6.12.10).
Bloomberg (6.12.10) also San Francisco Chronicle (7.12.10). Spoonfed (7.12.10),News.de (7.12.10).

Stuckist quotes on on BBC (6.12.10). Reuters (6.12.10), syndicated to ABC (Australia) (6.12.10), TalkTalk (6.12.10), New York Daily News (6.12.10).
Mention on ArtInfo (6.12.10).

Press Association (7.12.10)

Quote of the day: "even the Stuckists understand today's art better than this." - Jonathan Jones, The Guardian (7.12.10)

Press launch: 5 October 2010
Demo photos here

Serota disowns Turner Prize
Londoner's Diary, Evening Standard (6.10.10)

Demo and photo in Finchley Times (6.10.10)

"To add insult to injury the protesting press were joined in boycott by the Stuckists" - The Independent (6.10.10) + photo

"It's like watching a TV comedy show parody of contemporary art," said co-founder Charles Thomson, who called the Prize "an excruciatingly painful presentation of mind-numbingly tedious, pretentious and vacuous exhibits. The obvious response is that of a lady last year, who asked for her money back, as she'd paid to see art and there wasn't any. The demonstration outside is far more entertaining, artistic and informative." - Culture24 (4.10.10)

Why Spoonfed editor Tom Jeffreys couldn't get in and his conversation with the Stuckists. Read it here (4.10.10)

3ammagazine (4.10.10) reproduces the Stuckist press release with leaflet image.

Photo of Kyla Bullows (Oli Scarff/Getty Images) in Montreal Gazette (4.10.10), Metro (plus photo of Chris Yates, who is over 50 and barred from the prize) (4.10.10), and Times of India (photo 9) (4.10.10).

ArtInfo (4.10.10) has a photo of Kyla Bullows and Chris Yates at the demo in front of the anti-BP sponsorship placard (image enlargement here). Caroline Milliard writes, "The Stuckists protested outside Tate Britain, as usual."

The Stuckist demo was mentioned on BBC Radio3 5pm news (4.10.10).

Ben Hoyle in The Times (paywall) (5.10.10): "Even the Stuckists, the group championing figurative painting who protest against the prize outside Tate Britain every year, struggled to seem as outraged as usual thanks to the presence of a figurative painter among the contenders."
In the printe edition, the figure in the photo of Dexter Dalwood's painting is Charles Thomson (not named).

Londonist (4.10.10) shows placard images.

Mention in Martin Newman's blog on the Daily Mirror (4.10.10).

Press Association article mentioning Stuckist demo in The Independent (4.10.10), TheScotsman (5.10.10), The Press and Journal, Scotland (5.10.10), Irish Independent (5.10.10), Sydney Morning Herald (5.10.10), Sky News Australia (5.10.10), Brisbane Times (5.10.10), The Age Australia (5.5.10), Ninemsn Australia (5.5.10), WAtoday Australia (4.10.10), SBS Australia (5.5.10), Shepparton News (5.10.10), Big Pond News (5.10.10).

Also mentioned in the Daily Mail (4.10.10).

Chris Yates photo on Orange quirky photo gallery.

Article in ArtSlant New York.

Blogs: Coxsoft + leaflet image (4.10.10). Ghost of a flea (5.10.10): "The real news was the anti-Turner Prize Stuckist demonstration already underway."

Tweets: "Why are there protests about the Turner Prize? Fair enough if you don't like it, but to go & protest seems a bit excessive." - oye_billy (5.10.10) "Because they're the Stuckists and that's what they do." - Cultural Snow (5.10.10).

Nominees announced

"Tedious, timid, daft and incestuous. This is Turner Prize purgatory and the prize continues to be a parody of itself with a predictable and elite choice of art world insiders." - Charles Thomson, co-founder of the Stuckists, Hearsay Seven Days in Soundbites, p. 29, The Sunday Telegraph (9.5.10).

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