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List of Stuckist demos Trafalgar Square (2001) White Cube (2002) Saatchi Gallery (2005)

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2010 Turner Prize: Main page Photos - press launch - prize day - high res promo
On this page: Photos of 2010 Turner Prize Stuckist demo at the press launch

Photos at the press launch:
4 Oct 2010

Interview with Alexis Hunter at the demo by Culture24

Interview with Chris Yates at the demo by Culture24

Tate Britain director, Penelope Curtis, and Sir Nicholas Serota coming
down the steps of Tate Britain. Right: Kyla Bullows.

Shelley Li, Kyla Bullows, Tate Britain director Penelope Curtis, Sir Nicholas Serota.

Sign at the Atterbury Street entrance of
Tate Britain (found object adapted -
it's art).

Rizwan Hafiz

Chris Yates, Charles Thomson, Kyla Bullows.

Charles Thomson, Chris Yates

Kyla Bullows

Shelley Li, Edgeworth Johnstone

Kyla Bullows, Chris Yates

Edgeworth Johnstone, Rizwan Hafiz, Shelley Li

Edgeworth Johnstone

Edgeworth Johnstone

Edgeworth Johnstone

Alexis Hunter, Shelley Li, Kyla Bullows, Edgeworth Johstone

Chris Yates, Edgeworth Johnstone

Alexis Hunter

Chris Yates, Shelley Li

Charles Thomson

Kyla Bullows

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