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Mon 29 Sept 2008 at the press launch

Annie Zamero

"the mediocre standard has almost turned me into a supporter of the Stuckists"
- Richard Brooks The Sunday Times (4th item) (5.9.08)

Demo in Newsweek (4.9.08)

Alexis Hunter - essay and photos on her site.

See article on 24hourmuseum

"'Is it all a fix?' read the placard belonging to art group, The Stuckists, who were yesterday handing out leaflets reading 'The Turner Prize is crap' outside the Tate Gallery's Turner Prize Exhibition." - The Architects' Journal (30.9.08)


"The Turner Prize is crap"
Reuters (29.9.08)
, (also Washington Post),
The Guardian
, The Independent (30.9.08),
The Financial Times (30.9.08)

"The work is not of sufficient quality in accomplishment, innovation or originality of thought to warrant exhibition in a national museum."
The Times (29.9.08), The Scotsman (30.9.08)

Coxsoft was there first (29.9.08)
Ben Street on Art Review (6.10.08) on traditional Stuckist demo
"Pop! talk" video on the prize features a quick still of the 2003 Stuckist demo

Left to right: Elsa Dax, Annie Zamero, Jacqueline Jones, Alexis Hunter,
Daniel Pincham-Phipps, Charles Thomson, Philip Absolon.

Sir Nicholas Serota, Tate director, takes a demo leaflet, as is customary, and promptly sprints up the steps.
Video stills by Rick Friend.

Stuckist Turner Prize guides
Annie Zamero and Elsa Dax.

Jonathon Coudrille... engages in dialogue with... some students reading the Stuckist leaflet.
Jess Davis, Course Leader of HND/C Graphics at Gloucestershire College emailed, "We visited the Tate Britain yesterday and the topic of your protest caused much discussion amongst our art students on the coach home. We thought you might be interested to know we have decided to hold a debate between groups of students from different disciplines (graphics,photography and fine art) to further discuss the issues. We will let you know the outcome of the debate."
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